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The logo must be sized so that the smallest words “regional university” are still readable.


If the logo is placed on an image or coloured background, the logo must remain readable with a contrast ratio that passes Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AAA level. This can be checked using the WEBAIM Contrast Checker.

Text only acknowledgement

We must acknowledge the contribution made by the Commonwealth to Barossa Regional University Campus in all related promotional material. This includes all websites, brochures, media releases, signage and promotional items.

The preference is for a text only acknowledgement over the use of the departmental logo that says ‘Supported by the Australian Government through the Regional University Centres Program’.



There must be padding around the logo that is relative to the ‘A’ in the word ‘Barossa’.

Use of the Department of Education logo

In the event that another government or non-government organisation’s logo is in use to acknowledge their contribution, the Department of Education’s logo must be used. The departmental logo should be placed in order of contribution, and it must be clear that the logo is used in a funding/supportive context (placed under ’Supported by’ text).


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