AI Uncovered: Your Guide to Enhanced Learning (Webinar)

The Australian National University
31 Aug
6:30 pm
31 Aug
7:30 pm

🧠 Discover how AI's about to make your cramming sessions a whole lot smarter (maybe even fun?) in this free webinar hosted by Nici Sweaney from The Australian National University. She’s a star when it comes to talking AI in education. (Check out her creds with ANU's Fenner School and her super-smart AI articles!)

🎤 Interactive sesh, spicy discussions, and YOU get to ask your burning questions!

Want in? Grab your seat (virtually, of course):
Zoom Link 👉  https://loom.ly/1LMJUPg
Meeting ID: 896 6429 9187
Password: 311934

Got 24hr campus access? Why not make it a study-night-out? 🌙

P.S. If Zoom and you aren't besties yet, download it for free. See ya there, future AI wizzes! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Nici Sweaney

About Nici Sweaney

Nici is an accomplished and experienced educator with almost 15 years of teaching in higher education across all levels. Her background in science and research, with a PhD in Conservation Ecology, providing a strong foundation for innovative and boundary-pushing teaching and learning practices. Nici is a highly sought-after speaker and presenter, delivering successful professional development sessions on AI in education, including sessions at ANU for the Fenner School and a recent workshop on using AI in education for primary industries educators. She has also published articles on AI in higher education and developed digital resources to empower other educators with AI tools.

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