Campus Open Day 2023

Barossa Regional University Campus
10 Feb
9:30 am
10 Feb
4:45 pm
Barossa Regional University Campus
Chateau Building Beckwith Park 1, 30/38 Barossa Valley Way

The Open Day is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about the free resources and opportunities available at Barossa Regional University Campus.

We invite all students in the Barossa region who are studying higher education to attend. It will feature a variety of events and activities throughout the day, including presentations, meet and greets with staff and students and hands-on demonstrations.

Open Day Itinerary

Cyber Security Workshop

Practical tips to stay safe and keep your data private online. Learn how to identify threats and attacks, and best practice habits to minimise these risks.

  • Types of attacks carried out by hackers and how to spot them
  • Malicious software like viruses and malware and ways to protect yourself from them
  • Ways scammers can get your information that you may not have considered
  • Practical tips to keep your data private and safe

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Meet & Greet Morning Tea

Meet our friendly staff and other local students at Barossa Regional Campus. Enjoy steaming cups of hot tea and coffee and yummy snacks.

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Campus Info Session (Morning)

Join Campus Coordinator Angie Kruger to learn about campus facilities, and resources available. Learn how to register as a student and get induction for 24/7 access.

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Get organised with Office 365

Learn how to organise your study and your life using tools found in Microsoft Office 365 (often free with uni enrolment). See how calendars, tasks, reminders and emails can work together to help you get all the important things done. Presented by Nathan Little from Regional Development Australia Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains.

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Stepping into University

Hear from coach, mentor, and student consultant Vicki Willamson on coach support available at the Barossa Campus, and how the way we think can enhance our study experience and help us maintain a proactive focus and greater resilience.

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Come Learn Origami

Join an origami demonstration from the members of our Origami Club which runs the third Friday of the month and open to all registered students.

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The Hidden Power of Libraries

Get the knowledge you need to study using the best tips and tricks from a librarian. Presented by Melissa Whitrow from Barossa Council Public Library..

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Meet and Greet Afternoon Tea

Meet and greet meet the staff and students at Barossa Regional Campus. Enjoy steaming cups of hot tea and coffee and yummy snacks.

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Campus Info Session (Afternoon)

Join Campus Coordinator Angie Kruger to learn about the facilities, and resources available to register students. Learn how to register as a student and access the space 24/7.

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How to make friends and influence people

Set yourself up for the best university experience by understanding the benefits of making connections (academic and social) and how this can contribute to your success. Presented by The University of Adelaide.

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