Research Tuesdays: Deciphering DNA

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Adelaide University
12 Mar
5:30 pm
12 Mar
7:00 pm
The Braggs Lecture Theatre
The University of Adelaide, Victoria Dr

More than half a million Australians have a neurodevelopmental disorder—from intellectual disabilities and epilepsy to movement or behavioural disorders. The health challenges associated with these disorders are usually of genetic origin, and identifying the genes involved is critical. The result? Improved access to therapies, customised care, and empowered family planning decisions.

Currently, only half of individuals diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder receive a genetic diagnosis, and less than 5% receive a tailored treatment. But researchers at the University of Adelaide are working to change this.

By developing new ways to identify the genes and pathological processes involved in neurodevelopmental disorders, our researchers hope to boost the information available to individuals and their families and, ultimately, increase tailored treatment options.

Join us this March to learn about levelling up the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.

You can attend in person by registering here, or register for the online webinar here.

The presenter

Dr Lachlan Jolly leads the Neurobiology Research Group in the Robinson Research Institute and School of Biomedicine at the University of Adelaide. He is the past President of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, SA Branch. Dr Jolly is supported by the First 1000 Days Fellowship, the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Medical Research Future Fund.

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