Science Week Masterclass: Volcanoes: from distant ancestors to diamonds (Webinar)

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University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science
15 Aug
1:30 pm
15 Aug
2:15 pm

What do diamonds in volcanoes tell us about deep, dark places? What can we learn about human evolution by studying volcanoes in Africa? Verily, our veteran volcanologist will vitalise visitors with valuable vocalisations and vibrant visuals.

Meet Dr. Hayden Dalton! Hayden, a renowned geologist who has been traveling the depths of Africa will wow attendees with stories about how volcanoes can be used to constrain the timing of human evolution and how diamond-carrying volcanoes can reveal the secrets of the Earth’s interior.

The Science Festival Midafternoon Masterclass series is a series of five, 45-minute lectures showcasing up-and-coming scientists and their groundbreaking discoveries! The Masterclasses are online, and will include interactive scientific explanations, experiments, live demonstrations, virtual lab tours, and lots of fun!

Each unique masterclass has been designed to be accessible and appealing to all audiences and is suitable for anyone with a VCE-level scientific understanding. Get your questions ready as our scientists would love the audience to join in the live Q&A and become a part of the presentation.

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