Fee Free TAFE

Nathan Little
Manager, Communications & Programs
October 11, 2023

Fee Free TAFE and vocational education is back with even more opportunities! Since its inception in 2023, this initiative has opened doors for thousands to train, retrain, or upskill without tuition worries. And guess what? Over 4,000 additional Fee Free TAFE spots are launching at TAFE SA every year, starting 2024 for the next three years!

This expansion isn’t just about numbers. It's a dedicated step to nurture industries facing skill gaps, burgeoning sectors, and the newbies on the block. We're talking about priority zones like:

  • All-round care, from aged to disability 🏥
  • Hospitality & tourism 🍽️
  • Tech & the digital domain 🖥️
  • Building & construction 🏗️
  • Farming & agriculture 🌾
  • Sovereign tasks including manufacturing & defence 🛡️
  • And the vibrant VET workforce!

But hey, a little reminder - this is for those new to the course, not just to TAFE SA. And a shoutout to specific groups who are especially encouraged to jump in: First Nations Australians, youth aged 17-24, those facing unemployment, unpaid carers, women in unique sectors or facing economic challenges, individuals with disabilities, and certain visa holders.

Ready to reshape your future? Dive in and discover more using this link.

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