National Conference for Regional Rural and Remote Education

Nathan Little
Manager, Communications & Programs
October 12, 2022

This conference will share creative initiatives, current best practices in schools and universities, and academic research to improve educational outcomes for regional, rural and remote communities. The Barossa Campus is part of the Regional Universities Network. There will be many other network members in attendance at the event. Learn more about the conference on their website.

The conference theme “Partnerships for Collective Impact” encourages institutions to partner with local communities and includes:

  • Connectivity in learning
  • Disruptors and innovation
  • Connections between industry, education and communities
  • Pathways for education
  • Student engagement, aspiration and motivation
  • Strengthening and networking rural education research

The conference objectives are to:

  • Challenge researchers, practitioners and policymakers to analyse current challenges and opportunities and identify emerging issues
  • Recognise the significance of First Nations peoples in shaping future developments in regional, rural and remote education
  • Contribute to the evidence base and practice of enhancing regional, rural and remote education locally and globally
  • Develop links with organisations and governments that have similar professional aims or recent experiences

Watch conference attendees tour Barossa Campus on October 12, 2022 below.

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