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Meeting Owl Webcam & Mic

Quick Start Guide for Meeting Owl

Connect and power up

  • Connect the 'Meeting Owl' power cable to a power point.
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer or the campus computer on the back of the meeting room TV.
  • Turn on the computer or TV if it's not already on.

Adjust your software settings

  • The Meeting Owl's eyes light up when powered on and it makes a hoot sound when ready.
  • After making sure the Meeting Owl is working, then open Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. In the settings, change your camera, microphone and speaker to "Meeting Owl" or similar.
  • If you don't see or hear anything, or "Meeting Owl" doesn't appear as an option in your settings, try closing the software and turning the Meeting Owl off and back on again. Open the software and try again.

More Information

  • For detailed setup instructions, refer to the guide here.

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