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RODE Podcaster Pro II

Setting Up the RODECaster Pro II

Before you power on your RODECaster Pro II, ensure all cables are correctly connected:

  1. Connect the power cable to the RODECaster.
  2. Plug your headset into one of the numbered headset ports on the back.
  3. Attach your microphone to the corresponding numbered microphone port.
  4. Note: Be careful not to plug headsets into microphone ports to avoid damage.
  5. Power on the RODECaster Pro II using the red button on the back.

Creating Your Show

  1. To begin creating your show, tap the icon in the top left-hand corner of the RODECaster screen.
  2. Press 'New Show' and follow the prompts to customize the settings for your voice.

Recording on Windows with Audacity

  1. On the RODECasterPro II, go to Settings > Outputs and Multitrack, then tap on Pre-Processing.
  2. Download and install Audacity here if not already installed.
  3. Connect the RODECaster Pro II to your laptop and open Audacity.
  4. In Audacity, under ‘Audio Setup’, select ‘Audio Settings’ and configure as follows:
  5. In ‘Interface’, select ‘Windows WASAPI’.
  6. For ‘Playback’, choose ‘Speakers (RODECaster Pro II Main Multitrack)’.
  7. In ‘Recording’, pick ‘Microphone (RODECaster Pro II Main Multitrack)’ and set Channels based on how many speakers there are plus two to make sure everything is being captured.
  8. To record, press the red circle button, and stop with the stop button.
  9. Export your recording via File > Export; choose ‘Export Multiple’ for separate channels or ‘MP3’ for a single channel.

Recording on a Mac or PC with other software

Download the walkthroughs for the following programs:

Audition Mac PC

Garageband Mac

Logic Pro X Mac

ProTools Mac PC

Reaper Mac PC

For more information see RODE's support page.

Recording onto a Micro-SD Card

  1. Insert a micro-SD card into the designated slot in the RODECaster.
  2. Start and stop recording using the ‘REC’ button.
  3. To save your recording, eject the micro-SD card by tapping the card icon and following the prompts. Transfer the recording to your computer, wipe the card, and return it to campus staff.

For detailed guidance and additional support, refer to our User Guide and Support article here

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