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TV Screen Computers

Use the TVs as computers

  • Turn on the computer behind the TV using the square power button.
  • Power on the TV with its remote. The computer should automatically display on HDMI 1.
  • If the TV doesn’t switch to HDMI 1, see 'Changing Inputs' below.
  • Use the computer with the supplied bluetooth keyboard and mouse

Use the TV as a second screen for your own computer

  • Locate your computer's HDMI port.
  • Connect the cable labelled 'HDMI 2' to your computer.
  • Switch the TV input to HDMI 2.

Changing TV HDMI Inputs

  • Use the TV remote and press the input button (refer to the input button icon image).
  • You can alternatively use the Source button located on the right size of the TVs.
  • Navigate using directional arrows to select the desired input and press 'Ok'.

Input icon on the remotes

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